2 Strategies To Help Employees You Are Going To Lay Off

Just as a company is growing rapidly does not mean it must Hire, hire, hire.

In accordance with a study from Morgan Franklin Consulting and Fierce CFO, the vast majority of fastest-growing firms in 2014 consider a willingness to cut back on hiring will probably result in smart, accelerated growth.

Actually, lots of fast-growing businesses that hired too a lot of people too fast might find themselves allowing people go.

Letting go of workers is not easy, but using a good outplacement program can help to make the transition easier. Rather than a one-time cash payment, outplacement services enable displaced employees to use services such as career counseling, interview coaching, and resume information, all of which enable the company to help them get back on their feet and move forward.

An outplacement program also benefits the business in a lot of ways, such as remaining competitive in the business, maintaining positive relationships with homeless employees, developing a favorable standing for a company going through a tumultuous time, and assisting with liability coverage.

Even though 68 percent of businesses have outplacement programs in place according into a current study by ability company Right Management, research also shows that just half of workers are utilizing them. What is the problem?

It might be workers do not know about the outplacement services available. Or they are uncertain how it might benefit them. In any event, in case your outplacement services are not being properly used, it means there is room for improvement.

Check out these fast and easy ways to improve your present outplacement strategy:


Communicate clearly what outplacement choices are there and utilize various formats–email, posters, handouts, etc. Describe what choices are available and how to make the most of those. Furthermore, exemplify how using outplacement services may benefit the worker, possibly by utilizing alumni examples.

Workers might not be benefiting from your outplacement services for many reasons. Regardless of what, clearly conveying what services are available can help increase their use.