Benedoodles Purchase Guide

Families are put on the waiting list in the order deposits are received. A finished pup program and a $500non refundable security deposit is called for to put you about the waiting list. The intention is signified by the down payment for the buyer to follow through with the purchase of a bernedoodle for sale. In case you locate another breeder, or change your mind, your deposit is not going to be refunded.

We’ll strive our best to estimate breeding dates and due dates, however there’s not a guarantee as to precisely when your pup will be picked by you. So be sure you are completely invested before being put on the waiting list pups using the Bernese markings are extremely high in demand.

When it is the right time to select your pup, you pass to another litter or can decide from your available pups. In the event that you’d like a pup in the accessible litter within 2 weeks of arrival, you have to determine. We’ll presume you pass if we don’t hear from you. Your name will continue to move up the list as individuals ahead of you decide their pup as families decide their pups.

Pups will likely be selected at 4 weeks old. We work our way down and will focus on the first name on the list. You are going to have 24 hours to decide on your pup with images/video in person. Face Time can also be an option. Unless arrangements happen to be made beforehand pups has to be picked up or sent at 8 weeks of age. Holding pup cost you additional $15 per day to an We send with United, Delta or American Airlines. Airline Pricing $350-400. Earth Transportation can be obtained to choose regions for $150-200.

We’re expecting 2 liters of Mini Bernedoodles in June 2017. Pups need to be between 40-50 lbs. grown. We’re anticipating tri color and white and black pups. This is a repeat breeding of Albert and Penny. Roxy, Penny’s sister, was also bred to Albert. Photographs of puppies from Penny and Albert’s last bedding material are on these pages.