Exhibition Management – Getting The Most Of Your Stand

Designing and printing eye-catching exhibition graphics is just one part of conducting a successful exhibition stand, and a lot of your success depends upon your team and how much preparation you’ve gone through to make sure they know precisely what they will need to do and just how to go about doing it. This article runs through a number of the main methods by which you can take advantage of your business show rack.

Planning – This starts before you’ve even chose the business show you want to attend, and you could discover that reading magazines like ‘Exhibition Bulletin’ may provide you a few good results on factors that will fit your business. After identifying a couple of likely displays, you need to get in touch with previous attendees and ask for visitor numbers in the exhibition organizer, searching for essential information like which area is best and what sort of visitors to anticipate. If the series had a record attendance but not one of those people was decision-makers, it might prove fruitless for the money.

When you’ve got the tools, you could also look at advertising through the series, setting one some discussions or sponsoring some component of the event. Do not stick to only your stand – traffic might have to realize your organization name several times before they choose to talk openly to you about their business.

Pre Briefing – The team you’ve selected to person your stand have to be properly briefed, and informed of the goals and methods. You talk about the following:

* Targets for your own employees, what sort of information do they have to accumulate and how much if they plan for? Would they simply require phone numbers and business cards, or do they want positive outcomes and names using a scheduled call?

* How should information be gathered and sorted? A means of dividing kinds of guide ought to be invented, if you’ll be collecting more than simply names and numbers.

* Information about the stand layout you’ve designed what revenue sources are at their hands and how to use these to greatest advantage? This may entail some role playing, permitting employees to practice with the rack to pique visitors’ interest.

* What launching lines may employees use to get fans focus? Can you perhaps have a competition they could provide entry for, to be able to get traffic onto the rack and speaking?