Rocket Tips, Guide, And Strategy For Clash Royale

Rocket is one of the most underestimated cards in Clash Royale, however it’s also among the greatest cards in the event that you’re able to use it properly. I will be going over a few rocket tips and plan in this site of modern Clash Royale.

Rocket Overview

Below are a few essential details for the rocket you have to be aware of whether you would like to be successful on this card!

The rocket prices 6 elixir

Among those two uncommon spells (fireball is the opposite)

At tournament degree, the aircraft prices 1,232 harm with 493 to stadium towers

Smallest radius at Clash Royale at two tiles

Does the most harm from any spell

So based off all the details, you can most likely figure the rocket is so popular… it will INSANE harm! At tournament degree, you simply require 6 rockets to totally take down a stadium tower. On the other hand, the rocket is pricier and may lead you into trouble if you don’t use it properly. Not to fret however, we’ll be walking through enemy plan!

Rocket for a Troop Counter

The enemy is the toughest spell in Clash Royale for time, but in the event that it’s possible to find the time down (which only comes out of a great deal of training), then the enemy is a superb counter to top elixir troops at Clash Royale. You are able to find a fantastic elixir trade before touching your competitor’s tower, therefore its well worth it to use your rocket. At the moment, elite barbarians are incredibly popular and the rocket is a good, reliable counter to them as long as you are able to time it correctly.